Localize all of your content, anytime, anywhere

We Localize All Your Content

  • iOS, Mac OS, Android and Windows Phone apps
  • Marketing text and keywords
  • Websites
  • Subtitles and voiceovers
  • Marketing materials and images

In addition you get:

End to End Project Management

End to End Project Management

From the time you purchase until we return your translations we take care of everything, leaving you more time to work on your app.
Cloud Based Content Management

Cloud Based System

Our cloud based system allows you upload, get quotes and purchase anytime, anywhere. Your localization resources are also available whenever you need them.
Your Personal Project Manager

Workflow Integration

No more spreadsheets or long email threads. You can upload your native files to our site or use our API for even tighter integration.
Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing and No Set Fees

We offer four different pricing levels. You can select different levels on a file by file basis to best suit your projects needs.
Easy Updates

Easy Updates and Free Version Control

We manage your content. Simply upload your new files and the system will detect what new strings need to be translated. We maintain your file versions at no extra cost.
Multiple platform support

Save Money Across Platforms

If you have an app on multiple platforms the system will automatically detect strings that have already been translated for other platforms, so you don't need to pay for them again.
Extensive File Support

Extensive File Support

We support: .strings, .xliff, .po, .xml, .resx, .txt, .html, .plist, .js, .markdown, .json, .rrc and more! For a full list visit our Files and Encoding help section.
Reduce Your Translation Costs by Using Our Free Translation Memory

Free Translation Memory

We store all your translations in your own translation memory for free. Once a string has been translated, you will not be charge for it again.
Quality is Everything to Us

Superior Quality

We have designed our system around delivering quality to our customers. For more info click here.
We can import your existing translations

Translation Import

If you have existing translations who's quality you're happy with, contact us we can import these free of charge.