Quality is
Everything to Us!

We have designed our system to deliver the highest quality translations to our customers.

How We Ensure Consistency

A glossary view from the Tethras translation tool


We apply OS, genre and organization specific glossaries to all your strings to ensure that key terms are translated correctly and consistently.
Final check

Final Check

Before we release any files your project manager will give them one final check to make sure everything is in order. If you find anything you'd like us to change let us know and we will make the necessary amendments.

How We Give our Translators Context

Sanity check

Sanity Check

Before we send any strings for translation we check to ensure that there is enough context to translate each properly and that the translation instructions are clear.
Translation instructions

Translation Instructions

Each translator gets a full list of translation instructions for each job including: translation tone, whether to translate the app name and screenshots of the app.
String comments

String Comments

If the context of a string is not clear we will add a comment to clarify its meaning. If you have added comments in your files the system will automatically extract these and display to the translator.

Tasks & Discussions

If we have a query on a particular string we will raise a task or discussion on it. You will be notified by email.

How We Preserve Your Layout

Character restrictions example

Character Restrictions

If you are tight on space you can add character restrictions to limit the length of your strings.
Pseudo translations

Pseudo Translations

We generate a pseudo localized version of your project when you upload your files. You can make sure everything is good to go before you purchase and it's free!


When you upload your files the system automatically detects placeholders in your strings. If a string contains a placeholder our translation tool will ensure they are correctly preserved during translation.