How It Works - Overview

Simple and Quick Translation Process

You upload the files and purchase, we take care of the rest.

Upload your resource files

Upload your app, website & marketing content

Create an account on Tethras, zip your iOS, Android or Windows Phone resources and marketing files and upload them to a new translation project. The system will automatically extract the content for translation and will generate pseudo-localized versions of your files using ôúr tèst láñgúágè. You can download and build these files into your app to help identify items not properly internationalized.

Choose from 40+ languages

Choose your Languages & Purchase

Once your app is uploaded, you can start adding languages to your basket. When you have selected the translation levels for each language you are ready to purchase. Simply press the checkout button to get things started.

Quality assurance process

Sanity Check

As soon as your purchase has been completed, our production team will conduct a 'Sanity Check' on your content. We double check to ensure there is enough context to translate each string and that the style of translation required is clear. At this point the production team may raise discussions on strings so make sure to respond to any emails that you receive from us.
When the Sanity Check has been complete we will inform you for the estimated delivery date for your translations.

Your files are being translated by our qualified professional translators


Your project will be assigned to one of our quality assured translators on our extensive network. If you have selected Ultra or Specialist levels the job will be sent on to a separate reviewer when the initial translation is completed.
Before we release languages back to you, our production team give them one last check to make sure everything is in order. We will notify you by email once your languages have been released.

Download your translated files and start selling!

Get out there

Once your files are back from translation we give them one final check to make sure everything is localized to the highest standard. Once we are happy with the quality of your translations we will notify you via Email or the Tethras iOS app.
You can then download the translations, build them into your app and start selling!

Your files are being translated by our qualified professional translators

Make Changes

Updating a project is simple. Upload the latest version of your files. We will automatically compare them to your existing files and detect the changes you have made. What's more, once the translation starts, we will assign the same translators to your update for consistency.
If you have multi-platform app(s) we will manage all that complexity for you. We allow you to leverage existing translations across your projects, so you only pay for translating a string once.