Everything a Developer Needs for Their Localization Process!

Full Workflow Integration with our API and Extensive File Support

We handle the following file formats:

  • iOS/Mac OS: .strings, .xliff, .plist
  • Android: strings.xml
  • Windows Phone: .resx, .resw, .resjson
  • Subtitles: .sub, .sbv
  • BlackBerry: .rrc
  • Other: .txt, .html, .properties

You Give Us Your Native Source Files, We Give Them Back Translated

Source .strings file

/* a caption showing the software build date */
"Build Date:" = "Build Date:";

/* */
"Please check your email address" = "Please check your email address";

Translated .strings file into French

/* button caption to remove specific currency from the list */
"Build Date:" = "Date version :";

/* */
"Please check your email address" = "VĂ©rifiez votre adresse e-mail";

We will extract your developer comments in the files and show them to our translators.

For a list of unsupported files and how to convert them more localization-friendly files visit our Files and Encoding section.

Supported Encoding

Our system will accept UTF-8 and UTF-16LE encoded files. These are the standards encodings used in modern versions of Mac OS, Windows and Linux. If your file is plain ASCII, it will be interpreted as UTF-8.

Workflow Integration - API

In order to make your development process more efficient we have implemented an API. This enables easier integration with your development workflow. Now you can push your files to Tethras from the terminal of your computer whenever you are ready.

Project Methods

Methods that allow you to preform project related calls like create, update or delete projects.
Project Methods »

Language Methods

Methods that allow you to preform language related calls like add and remove languages from basket.
Language Methods »

For full API documentation click here.