iOS and Mac OS App Localization

Built by App Developers

Mac and iOS app translation has never been more important and we like solutions that 'just work'. We support all common file types used in Xcode. Our system is designed to make your life easier and make localizing your apps a breeze.

You Give Us Your Native Source Files, We Give Them Back Translated

Source .strings file

/* a caption showing the software build date */
"Build Date:" = "Build Date:";

/* */
"Please check your email address" = "Please check your email address";

Translated .strings file into French

/* button caption to remove specific currency from the list */
"Build Date:" = "Date version :";

/* */
"Please check your email address" = "Vérifiez votre adresse e-mail";

We will extract your developer comments in the files and show them to our translators.

For a list of unsupported files and how to convert them more localization-friendly files visit our Files and Encoding section.

Resource files

Apple File Types we Localize

  • .strings
  • .plist
  • all common file types (HTML, plain text, XML, xliff, etc. )

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Popular languages

What Languages Should I Choose?

New to localization? Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry we have you covered. We have packaged and discounted our most popular languages for iOS and Mac OS into our language bundles to help you get started.

4 Language Bundle
Chinese (Si)
Market Reach +67%
Save 5%
6 Language Bundle
Chinese (Si) Korean
Japanese French
Market Reach +78%
Save 7.5%
8 Language Bundle
Chinese (Si) Korean
Japanese French
Spanish Russian
German Italian
Market Reach +88%
Save 10%