New to Android localization? It's easy with Tethras.

Tethras takes the complexity out of app localization.
We make it easy to publish & maintain multilingual
versions of your Android apps.

Simplified localization for your Android apps.

Tethras provides a cloud-based platform so you can control your content, streamline your workflow
and save your time. Localize and maintain apps, across multiple platforms in
80+ languages.

Here's how it works »
iOS, Android, and Windows Phone localization specialists

Free tools to scale your
projects, not your workload.

We manage your content and automate unnecessary localization tasks. Upload the latest version of your resource files. We'll
parse, protect, detect changes and
generate quotes in real-time.

Full localization service

In sync with your app
development process.

To fit with your development process,
we work directly with your resource files, protect their structure and return them the same format. Use our custom API for setup.
No Spreadsheets!

Qualified professional app translators

Every project is
managed by experts.

Our team really know their app localization.
From the time you order, each project is
fully managed from beginning to end
by one of our team of professional
project managers.

Clear, consistent results.

Accurate translations require 4 things, professional translators, the right tools, app
context, and project managers with localization experience. We give you the tools you
need and match you with our team of experts.

Here's how we do it »
End to End Project Management

Why localization managers and Android developers love Tethras:

End to End Project Management


From the time you purchase until we return your translations, our experienced project managers will take care of your Android app.

Cloud Based Content Management

Always on

Tethras is always ready to get to work, localize your Android app any time of the day or night.

Your Personal Project Manager

Translation Management

Your translations are stored for you, free of charge. For consistency, we'll automatically
leverage them against any future orders.

Flexible Pricing


Team collaboration features to coordinate on projects. Communicate with our translators and project managers during translation via our discussion system.

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